This was a fun project to work on. A logo for a motorcycle tour company that visits important places in American history - time travel on motorcycles.

Final on this one with preliminary sketch below.

Final cover above with preliminary sketch below.

Another one for the Salon des refusés. This was a tough one. I wanted to illustrate succeeding without seemingly even trying? Even though the Art Director went to bat for it, it was still deemed too obtuse and they went in another direction in the end.

The boot won out in the end but the sock was my first shot at it.

Final cover with preliminary sketch below. I liked the fact that the Nazi eagle had captured all the atoms in orbit but it was deemed too complicated and hard to decode.

This is a memoir, originally published in 1930, about the authors experience at the front during the First World War, from 1916 until the Armistice.

A history of two prominent families in the history of Québec - one english the other french.  

The lips are mouthing “O Canada”

A preliminary sketch for this cover

Fresh from the printers.

Logo for Third Voice Marketing

A recent cover with a preliminary sketch below. The novel takes place in Russia during the Cold War. The main character is a fan of early American rock and roll, and is in love with a beautiful woman who he considers his biblical Rachel. They wanted a nod to American graphic design of the era.